Tutu? Don’t Mind if I Do

May 19th, 2011

sweater: Zara men's, skirt: Nordstrom, tights: Target, shoes: Nine West, necklace: Diva Diva

Tutu’s – every little girl’s dream attire. Well, it’s still my dream attire. If there is one article of clothing that can make me smile when I put it on, it’s a tutu. But how to wear said tutu? You can’t go pairing it with a leotard and ballet flats. Lets save that for Halloween please. Goal: make it look modern, and take down the girly level a notch. Plan: incorporate simple staples with modern accessories. Action: use the tip from my post earlier this month, borrow from the bf. This slouchy grey sweater was plucked from his closet and really does the trick. The tights were necessary because the skirt is a bit short for work, and the accessories add a trendy touch that pulls the whole look together. I couldn’t resist topping it off with a ballerina-esque bun and twirl my way off to work. ♥

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  • http://nofindersfee.wordpress.com Caro

    I love how you paired such a girly skirt with a man’s sweater! I love this whole look.


  • http://birdieandwilma.wordpress.com birdieandwilma

    I always know that an outfit is great when I put it on and smile. A happy outfit makes for a happy day. Really cute look!

  • http://alittleteteatete.wordpress.com alittleteteatete

    I’m LOVING this! It’s super cute!

  • Sweet Nothings

    so fun!

  • http://countrygirlcityworld.wordpress.com country girl city world

    LOVE the tutu, especially how you’ve paired it with a casual top and all those beads!!!
    I think I’d wear mine with a button down light denim top & top it off with lots of dainty bracelets and charms :)


    • http://twirlyskirts.wordpress.com Twirly Skirts

      That sound like a fab outfit!

  • http://theinspiredbiologist.wordpress.com alisonmpage

    HUGE fan of this look! love the tutu paired with the slouchy sweatshirt and LOVE the layered/coloured beaded necklaces! A+!

  • http://design-elements-blog.com/ design elements

    lovely look!

  • http://thelonelywifeproject.wordpress.com Lonely Wife Project

    I adore this look!

    • http://twirlyskirts.wordpress.com Twirly Skirts


  • http://pinkandplum.wordpress.com pinkandplum

    I have a pink tutu also, I think I have worn it once with boots and a blazer. I must say I love the bun- very carrie bradshaw.

    • http://twirlyskirts.wordpress.com Twirly Skirts

      aww thanks!!

  • http://beancakes.wordpress.com/ kristina@beancakes

    LOVE your ensemble here!! i really the like the casual, grey, sweat shirt-like top with the feminine pink tutu dress. i also want to comment on your new puppy, so cute!!!

    • http://twirlyskirts.wordpress.com Twirly Skirts

      thank you! I love him to death!

  • http://www.fashioncappuccino.com Shin

    Beautiful Tutu skirt and your ballerina bun is so perfect with the outfit! Your boyfriend’s sweater fits you so nicely! It must be nice to share his closet :-) xoxoxoo

  • http://foodhogger.wordpress.com/ Hogger

    Nicely done; especially with the grey sweater and your hair is so chic!

  • http://kendallcrow.wordpress.com Kendall

    This skirt totally rocks. i love it! your hair looks great too :)

  • http://styleonthecouch.wordpress.com styleonthecouch

    The bun is so cute with the tutu! I will let you in to a secret, I dream of recreating that SATC opening scene here in NY, I think you should grab your tutu and head over here so we can totally do it :-)


  • http://ilovefashionuk.blogspot.com/ I ♥ Fashion UK

    great look! reminds me a bit of isabel marant! x

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