Life Lately (According to my iPhone)

March 19th, 2014

life lately 1

life lately 2

You can follow all my snapshots on Instagram @mollmarechal – clockwise from top left: my fluffy love Gaston, cuddling on our new patio furniture, subtle curls for a night out, nerding out with code academy, delish Mediterranean food, the Frenchman and I in NYC last month, snapshot of a cute corner in our home, the Frenchman’s banner at our alma mater, a snapshot of Grand Central Station from our NYC trip, rocking a beanie and red lips.

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Black Lace and Boyfriend Jeans

March 18th, 2014

black lace and bf jeans 2

Last weekend was a productive one. One of the many reasons is that I managed to actually get dressed three times and take pics for the blog – hallelujah! Other than that, we cleaned and shopped for the house, the hubby went to a soccer game while I visited my sister and brother-in-law at their new home, and we ate copious amounts of pancakes, donuts and coffee.

These outfit shots were taken Friday evening when we went rug shopping at West Elm. I was hopeful that one of their rugs would  be just what I wanted for our main living room, but it looked sadly different in person. I was disappointed, but don’t want to settle on a rug just to get one. But I digress. This black lace and boyfriend jeans outfit here was thrown together pretty quickly but I loved wearing it. I still really heart boyfriend jeans, so any reason to wear them is good with me. I like the femininity of the lace paired with the masculinity of the jeans – perfect juxtaposition. I slipped on my @mstwirlyskirts necklace, which will always be a favorite piece of mine. You can shop the look below!

black lace and bf jeans 3

black lace and bf jeans 5

black lace and bf jeans 4

black lace and bf jeans

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Fab Friday Finds

March 14th, 2014

fab friday finds

Time for some spring florals! I saw these amazing Marc by Marc Jacobs floral pants and just had to plan a fab Friday finds look around them. I love the colors in the pants and they just go perfectly with this floral necklace and bright flats. The Rebecca Minkoff bag ties back in with the main color of the pants but is still a statement piece on its own. I would pair this with a crisp white tee – perfection! Happy Friday!

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Hippie Style

March 12th, 2014

hippie 2

When I am in a bohemian mood, which seems to be more often when the weather gets nice, I like to pull out all my hippie style outfits. I scored these bell bottoms years ago when we were living in LA, but always find new looks for them. As they are plain black, they can be styled more glam like I did here, or with more of a hippie style like I did this last weekend. I am hoping to score these bells asap because I haven’t stopped thinking of them since I posted about them.

This casual outfit was fun to wear out for a lunch date with my hubby and mom. We were heading to our alma mater because we heard he had a banner up on the tennis courts (commemorating his tennis days) and of course I wanted to check it out. We decided to make an afternoon of it and grab lunch at a sandwich shop we loved while we were in college. I felt like such a proud wifey.

hippie 4

hippie 5

hippie 1

hippie 6

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Shimmery Cat Eye How To

March 6th, 2014

I love a good basic cat eye, but playing around and dressing up the makeup look is always fun. Sometimes I will take the simple cat eye up a notch by adding a red lip. For this tutorial, I decided to add some glitz and shine to dress up the actual eye makeup itself. Check out the steps below for my shimmery cat eye how to.

Besides your usual foundation and brow routine, you will need the following: shimmery nude shadow, matte vanilla shadow, black gel eyeliner, gold shimmer shadow, matte black shadow, eyelash curler, mascara.

cat eye how to tools

Step 1: Put on your usual foundation routine with bronzer and don’t forget your brows!

Step 2: Swipe the nude shimmer shadow across your whole lid, stopping before the brow bone.

cat eye how to step 1

Step 3: Swipe the matte vanilla shadow on your brow bone and in the inner corners of your eye.

cat eye how to step 2

Step 4: Line your upper lid (including the upper inner rim) using black gel eyeliner and a thin brush. Flick the corners outward to create a cat eye. Do this by following the curve of your eyelid with the brush. Extend appx 1/4 of an inch outward.

cat eye how to step 5

Step 5: Place a small amount of the gold shimmer shadow in the inner corner of your eye, and a bit on the inner lower lash line.

cat eye how to step 6

Step 6: Using the black matte shadow and a flat brush, carefully trace the black liner to set it. This will prevent the liner from transferring onto your lid and help it last all day.

cat eye how to step 7

Step 7: Curl your lashes and apply 2-3 coats of mascara. I added a light coral lip and a bit of blush to finish off the look. Voila!

cat eye how to step 8c

cat eye how to step 9b

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