Our Family/Living Room

May 20th, 2014

living room 3

I am kind of on a roll with this whole home tour thing! I captured our family/living room last week and wanted to share the pics with my lovely readers. It finally feels pretty “finished” and I say “finished” because I change my mind every two and a half seconds and switch things around.

We don’t have two living spaces like most modern homes, but our home was built in 1948 so it has the charm to make up for it! To me, leaving the room uncluttered was a must to accent the beautiful features like the built in bookcase and gorgeous bay windows. I love playing around with different accent pieces but for the most part, the decor continues to be simple and modern with a bit of rustic thrown in (as described here). I have to say, Gaston sure does make the room look good!

I will continue to show you more rooms, but we are starting our addition soon, so it may be a few months. Stay tuned! (You can shop some of the pieces from our room below!)

living room 1

living room 5

living room 6

living room 7

living room 8

living room 12

living room 13

living room 14

living room 2

living room 10

living room 11

living room 4

living room 15

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Entry Way

May 14th, 2014

entry way 4

The home tour continues! I wanted to feature our cute little entry way on the blog because I adore everything about it. I took my time styling it and making sure I loved each element, but it finally feels complete to me. The only addition I would consider would be a coat rack or umbrella holder, but that is still undecided. The sweet silhouettes were made on Etsy and are actual silhouettes of our fur baby, Gaston. My mom always had our silhouettes on the wall, so I was inspired to create a new take on the idea with puppy silhouettes. Plus, let’s be honest, they’re cuter than normal silhouettes anyways! I also chose one of our favorite wedding photos and some other cute objects to style the table.

entry way 3

entry way 2

entry way 1

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Pop of Red

May 7th, 2014


This last Friday night, the hubby suggested going out for pizza and I was obviously excited to get out of my work-from-home pajamas and put on something pretty. I took a break from my usual boho-glam mood and went all out girly with a bit of a retro vibe. Sometimes after working from home and barely seeing anyone throughout the week, I need to get dolled up and wait for the hubby to hand out the compliments. On a side note, I seriously need to get out of the habit of switching from pj’s to workout clothes and back to pj’s, but it is so hard to be motivated to dress up just for myself! Any tips and suggestions on getting out of this habit are welcome!)

Back to the outfit at hand. This dress was sent to me by SAMMYdress and it is a basic that will remain in my closet for years. It can be dressed up girly with a pop of red like I did here, but I also imagine wearing it over my bikini, or with flash tats and some nude heels. The possibilities are just endless. The fit is loose enough to be comfy, but not look messy. I can’t wait to feature it again up on the blog!





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May 6th, 2014


When Online Shoes introduced me to the fabulous brand that is SeaVees, I was enamored. It is the perfect collection of beachy, West Coast-cool footwear that I want to be rocking all summer long. Each shoe is inspired by either an influential person or date in 1960s California history, which made the California girl in me love the brand even more. I was lucky enough to snag this Bayside Sandal to review and immediately knew it would go with so many different options in my closet. It is basic black with a neutral sole and heel, so it literally works with everything! The dress I chose is a favorite I bought in France a few years ago from Zadig & Voltaire. The easy, relaxed fit of the dress goes so nicely with the SeaVees. I can’t wait to pair them with cropped jeans, shorts and pretty much every skirt in my closet.




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Flash Tats

April 29th, 2014

flash tat 6

Apparently, Flash Tats were all the rage at Coachella. Naturally, I found this out by Insta-stalking every person I know who went to Coachella to live vicariously through them. I imagined wearing the too-cool-for-words bohemian get-ups but didn’t envy the gross camping situation. If I ever make it to Coachella (which I would only go to for the sake of wearing said outfits), I would definitely need to A) snag a hotel and B) wear a plethora of these Flash Tats. I was uh-bsessed with these from the moment I saw someone rocking them in the desert. They basically work like the old school bubble gum temporary tattoos of yesteryear, but look like glam jewelry – count me in!

Anyhoo, I was talking about how much I love these and the hubby took note and bought me a few packs for our one year anniversary this past Sunday (the perfect paper gift). I can’t wait to rock these all summer long…

flash tat 1

flash tat 4

flash tat 5

flah tat 2

flash tat 3

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