Guest Blogging: Easter Inspiration

March 20th, 2013

I am excited to announce guest blogger Michelle Pino, here to tell us about inspiration boards. Enjoy! ♥

It seems like not too long ago I was preparing for Santa to make his way down the chimney, now I find myself getting ready for the Easter Bunny to hop his way into my house. Easter is just a few weeks away, and if you’re anything like me you like to be prepared, organized and ready to go weeks in advance.

Lately, I have been using inspiration boards for planning girl’s nights, decorating for holidays and even for putting together outfits. Fashion trends hard to stay on top of, and even more daunting is how to take a trend and make it your own. Otherwise, you may feel as though you are wearing the same thing as everyone else!

This year for Easter, I thought I would use some of my favorite colors, combined with a few fashion trends and create a unique Easter outfit. Keep in mind I like to be trendy, but being comfortable is just as important!

Here’s how I plan to use an inspiration board to create my look:

Easter Fashion Inspiration

I know what you are thinking… cupcakes? Ribbons? How does that correlate with my Easter outfit? Well, its all about inspiration and when I saw this picture from a wedding at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino I fell in love with the turquoise in the ribbons, then again when I saw the frosting on those Easter cupcakes I found (and might have to bake!).  These two very different objects gave me inspiration for the color scheme in my outfit this year, turquoise, which happens to be right on trend. I also plan to incorporate a pop of coral somehow, whether it is in my clothing, shoes or accessories. Glasses are one of my favorite additions for any occasion right now, and although I don’t have those amazing coral ones, I will most likely be sporting my Ray Bans. A piece of statement jewelry, similar to the one in my inspiration board, will also make its way into my attire.  I am so excited for my Easter outfit.

It will definitely easy to put together now that I have an inspiration board to help me visualize what I am going to wear.   Try creating your own fashion inspiration board!

Photo Credits: WeddingShoes | DressGlasses  |  Necklace | Cupcakes