Dress Shopping

April 13th, 2012

This weekend we are flying up to NorCal again to tackle more wedding plans. On the agenda? First we are hoping to secure a venue. Next, I am going wedding dress shopping for the first time EVER with my mom and two sisters. I am so giddy, jump-up-and-down excited to start this part of the process, as you can imagine. Here are some gowns I have been dreaming of. I am interested to see if what I like on me is totally different than what I have envisioned. Married ladies: did you pick a shape you thought you would for your wedding?

Follow along my wedding plans on Pinterest here. Happy Friday! Also, Happy Birthday to my studly fiancé! ♥

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  • Danielle

    ohhh good luck!

  • http://pinkandplum.wordpress.com/ Pam

    How exciting!!! I totally thought I was going to get a slim fitting gown (mermaid or fit&flair) but once I started trying them on I just didn’t feel like I was wearing a wedding dress. I actually ended up getting the dress my Mom picked out (which I thought I would hate). A full tulle ball gown… Totally opposite of what I wanted. Good luck, it’s the most exciting part of planning for the bride!!

    • mstwirlyskirts

      Thanks Pam! I can’t wait! I loved your wedding dress, I saw it on your blog! Such a gorgeous gown!


    I love the 3,4, and 5th one! I think that shape will look great on you!

    • mstwirlyskirts

      ok thanks friend! I need to come to an appointment later too! xoxo

  • http://twitter.com/DesignDaredevil Jessie D. Miller

    That is so exciting, I can’t even imagine what it would be like to go dress shopping. Surreal! Enjoy every moment!

  • http://www.everswoon.com/ Tamra Sanford

    How fun!! You are going to have a blast, don’t forget the champagne! I had an idea as to what I was looking for, but it wasn’t until I tried “the one” one did I know. My advice is to try every single shape, style, you can, it is so much fun to try them all! Enjoy it!

    • mstwirlyskirts

      Thanks Tamra!

  • http://beancakes.wordpress.com/ kristina

    these dresses are so beautiful. have a fabulous weekend molliee and happy birthday to your man!

  • http://MosaMuse.blogspot.com/ MosaMuse

    beautiful dresses!! congrats on dress shopping! i love the mermaid style as well


  • http://the-pink-zombie.blogspot.com/ Emily

    Oooooo, mermaid dresses are so pretty! They’re freakin’ hot too. You would look absolutely gorgeous in any of these. My favorite is the second one – it’s really feminine on the bottom and sexy on the top. I can’t wait to see what you choose!


  • http://little-white-whale.com/ Gloria

    Dress shopping was definitely a highlight of wedding planning :-) Love the third dress – so romantic!

  • http://thelonelywifeproject.wordpress.com/ Lonely Wife Project

    You will be so surprised when the dress you fall in love with is the dress you least expected. That’s what just happened to my girlfriend. She was opposed to sleeveless ballgowns and it ended up looking AMAZING on her. Good luck!

  • paperdolltheory

    how exciting!! #3 and #5 are my favorites :)

    love kelly


  • http://www.hoggerandco.com Hogger & Co.

    So excited for you!! This cut of dress would be so lovely on you! I wore a sari to my wedding (indian wedding).

  • http://www.wrinkledchiffon.com/ Wrinkledchiffon

    Just catching up on your blog as we were out of town, in Burma! Anyway, I just love the third dress. It looks like you! I ended up picking a ball gown dress, just like I thought I would want…I just had something in my mind and envisioned that day in that kind of dress. Have a great time dress shopping!

    xo Grace

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