Floral Tulip Shorts

September 29th, 2014

floral shorts 1

I am happy the heat is sticking around a bit because that means I can get more use out of some of my summer clothes like these floral tulip shorts. The print is so girly, which makes them really fun to wear! This last weekend to run some errands (like going to look at strollers – ahhhh!) I paired them here with a basic black ruched maternity top from Target. This top is my new fave tee at the moment because of its simplicity and flattering shape. I bought it in a few different colors as well, so I am sure they will be making an appearance on the blog sooner or later.

floral shorts 3

floral shorts 2

floral shorts 5

floral shorts 4

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September 17th, 2014

peachy 4

These peachy shorts have been in my rotation all summer (ever since I grew out of my regular denim shorts). I am surprised at how many tops the peachy color goes with. It almost acts as a neutral. Of course here I am wearing with a white blouse, but it really goes with a plethora of options in my closet. I am getting sad that fall will steal these shorts away from me with the colder weather! The top I have on is from Urban Outfitters and I just love the flowy bohemian feel and the shoulder detail – it is really fun to wear! This is a piece that I will be able to transition into fall with some skinny jeans or even some flowy pants.

peachy 3

peachy 1

peachy 2

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Bumpin’ in Black

September 11th, 2014

bumpin in black 1

I have just recently started to feel like I can sport tighter fitting clothes and actually look pregnant instead of questionably bloated. The other weekend, I took the opportunity to wear one of my favorite James Perse dresses that I knew would work during pregnancy as well. The ruching on the sides makes it a perfect staple to transition from pre-pregnancy clothing to maternity wear. The basic dress needed some spicing up, so I paired it with bright orange flats I got custom made in St. Tropez a few years ago and some layered jewelry.

I actually caved in and bought some maternity pants and a belly band the other day. I am definitely trying to make my normal clothing work for as long as possible! Stay tuned…

bumpin in black 4

bumpin in black 2

bumpin in black 3

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Sheer Floral

September 4th, 2014

sheer floral 5

I may or may not have two obsessions going on at the moment. One of them is obviously Flash Tattoos, given the last few posts with them. Another is kimonos. I scored several for my birthday in July and am finally getting around to sharing them with you guys! This sheer floral kimono is pure beauty and you would never guess it was a bargain find at Forever 21! With a growing bump, kimonos are a fun way to dress up basics that I own that still fit my belly. I paired it here with a little slip dress from a trip to France several years ago, as well as lots of layered jewelry. If you aren’t already, you can follow me on Instagram to see more pregnancy fashion as I attempt to dress the bump!

sheer floral 4

sheer floral 2

sheer floral 3

sheer floral 1

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Neutrals with Bling

September 2nd, 2014

beige and black 1

We recently returned from a trip to South Lake Tahoe, where we stayed at our family’s cabin. Usually, all I feel like wearing while in Tahoe is flowy summer dresses and bikinis. However, one evening there was a bit of chill in the air, so I brought out this boho style top and paired the neutrals with bling. I have been trying to rock my Flash Tattoos before the warm weather is a thing of the past. Here, I paired the basic look with some arm bling in the form of layered bracelets and Flash Tattoos. The look is easy and simple, but with a little glitz.

beige and black 2

beige and black 3

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