Project Juice

July 17th, 2014

project juice 6

When Project Juice contacted me to come try some of their delicious juice made locally in San Francisco, I couldn’t resist. While I do not believe in juice cleanses or any sort of deprivation dieting, I am all for adding in fresh juices to an already healthy diet. Now that I am eating for two, I thought what better way to pack in key nutrients than trying out some top notch juices! I visited the Polk Street location in San Francisco last weekend and upon entering the quaint little shop, I was already obsessed with the decor. It was rustic and industrial – right up my alley.

The customer service is awesome and they have fresh samples to try daily. I was lucky enough to test out several of their yummy juices and definitely walked away with a few favorites that I will certainly be back for. I think my absolute favorite was the Turmeric Milk. It tasted like a nice iced chai tea – sooo delish! I also loved the Flu Shot, which is a powerful and spicy blend of ingredients including cayenne pepper. It clears your sinuses and can be added to other green juices to up the flavor (if you’re like me and can’t handle the taste of pure green veggie juice). You can find out more about Project Juice on their website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I highly recommend stopping by one of their bay area locations if you’re in the area!

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Big News

July 7th, 2014

gaston announcement

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know the news: I am pregnant! I made the announcement after my 12 week doctor’s appointment last week, but wanted to share more of the story with my lovely blog readers (since I have been kind of MIA the last few months).

We found out on Cinco de Mayo, so obviously our plans of tacos and margaritas quickly went out the window. Keeping the secret has been quite a challenge since I am usually one to blurt things out all over the place. It has been especially hard these last few months because I was keeping two secrets. No, not twins…but my older sister is pregnant as well! She is due in December and I am due in January. We are all over-the-moon excited.

The last few months have been spent in bed for me – literally. Whoever named it morning sickness obviously never had a bad case of it, because mine was all day sickness. I pretty much slept, ate, and worked from bed, getting up only to shower and use the bathroom from weeks 7 to 12. I feel like I lost the whole month of June! Thank God for my hubby and amazing mom for taking care of me and the house while I was out of commission. Luckily, I think the worst is over and I am looking forward to feeling like a normal human being again! Which will hopefully mean I will be able to peel myself out of bed and into a few outfits for le old blog.

That is the biggest news in our family at the moment! Although we did start construction this morning on our home addition, which I can’t wait to share with you all as it progresses. Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!

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Life Lately (According to my iPhone)

March 19th, 2014

life lately 1

life lately 2

You can follow all my snapshots on Instagram @mollmarechal – clockwise from top left: my fluffy love Gaston, cuddling on our new patio furniture, subtle curls for a night out, nerding out with code academy, delish Mediterranean food, the Frenchman and I in NYC last month, snapshot of a cute corner in our home, the Frenchman’s banner at our alma mater, a snapshot of Grand Central Station from our NYC trip, rocking a beanie and red lips.

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New York Snaps

February 28th, 2014

This week has been spent playing catch up at work and staying cozy at home during the rain we finally got in the Bay Area. I finally got the chance to upload a few of the pictures from our trip to New York last week. Since it was my first trip there, we of course tried to fit in everything! We did a lot of walking but it was so worth it to see as much of NYC as we could in 4 days. We visited many different neighborhoods and tried some really delicious food. I would have to say the trip was an absolute success. Here are a few snaps of the Frenchman and I in the big apple. Happy Friday!













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Ms Twirly Skirts is 3!

January 24th, 2014


Tomorrow will mark my blog’s three year anniversary, or blogiversary. When I started Ms Twirly Skirts three years ago, I set out to make this blog a fun hobby and an outlet for my love of fashion, beauty, and all things fabulous. It is not my full time job, nor will it ever be, but it gives me joy to write about things that make me happy. While I may not have the time to post as much as I did when I started or include as many outfit shots as I did when I worked outside the home (I spare you the pictures of me in my pajamas), I truly appreciate my readers and the collaboration opportunities that have come from it. One of my next goals for the blog is to get a bit more personal in my posts and share a little more than just outfit details or how-to’s. Thank you again for following my blogging journey, lovely readers!

image via 100 layer cake-let

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