Mint Dreams

October 17th, 2013

The frenchman and I just closed on a home – yayyyyyy! We are sad to leave the excitement in San Francisco, but we are heading to a city we truly love over in the east bay: Walnut Creek. We cannot wait to start this new chapter in our lives. Needless to say, I am daydreaming nonstop of how to decorate our new home. First up on our to-do list this weekend is re-painting a few rooms. Most of the rooms in the house were recently painted a gorgeous neutral color, but the bedrooms need to be changed asap! I love soft neutrals like gray and light beige because I feel like they really open up a space and go with almost any furnishings. To me, a living space should be tranquil, bright, and peaceful. But in order to take (a little) risk, we recently decided to paint one of the spare rooms in our new house mint green. I am quite obsessed with the color in general and now will get the pleasure of seeing it on a daily basis. I have supplied some of my inspiration so you can see what I am going for. Happy mint dreams!

mint dreams 2

mint dreams 1

mint dreams 4

mint dreams 3

mint dreams 7

mint dreams 6

*images via pinterest

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Bedding 101

February 26th, 2013

We recently got a fabulous new charcoal gray headboard and light gray duvet cover. I am in love with them both, yet our bed still isn’t looking pulled together. I decided to go to Pinterest for some much needed inspiration on Bedding 101. It seems as though the key to getting a fabulous bed is pillows, pillows, and more pillows! Tell me, what do you think makes a bed look complete? ♥

bedding 5

bedding 4

bedding 3

bedding 2

bedding 1

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Rustic Modern Dining Set

January 22nd, 2013

rustic modern dining set

Another top-of-the-list purchase when we moved was a proper dining set. Our last apartment didn’t allow enough space in the main area for a dining set, so we used a small bar top with stools. We searched all over for something that was versatile and comfortable, while still going with our new design theme. We settled on this rustic modern dining set which features a wood table with metal base accompanied by a mixture of metal chairs and wood/metal stools. I love how it is a bit industrial looking and can’t wait to enjoy it with food, friends and family. ♥

dining set

dining chairs

wood and metal dining set

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Sofa Style

January 16th, 2013

puppy and pillows

sofa pillows

sofa style 2

 sofa style

sofa style 3

When we moved from LA to SF, we decided to make some style changes to our home decor. First in line was to change our sofa covers to a dark grey. It was white previously and with Gaston constantly up on it, keeping it clean was a nightmare! I was afraid the grey sofas would bring too much dark into the apartment, but it actually is a great contrast to the white walls. I threw on some of our existing pillows and added a furry one, just because I love fur. Gaston doesn’t look like he is complaining about the change one bit. ♥

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Christmas Mantel

December 18th, 2012

Decorating the mantel for Christmas is such a quick way to bring festivity to an entire room. Being that the mantel is usually the focal point in the room it is in, it is only fitting that it be totally decked out. This year I didn’t get ours nearly as decorated as I would have liked. So I have been searching for some envy-worthy mantels on pinterest to inspire me for future purposes. What did you use for Christmas mantel decorations? ♥

mantel 1

mantel 2

mantel 3

mantel 4

mantel 5

mantel 6

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