Rustic Modern Dining Set

January 22nd, 2013

rustic modern dining set

Another top-of-the-list purchase when we moved was a proper dining set. Our last apartment didn’t allow enough space in the main area for a dining set, so we used a small bar top with stools. We searched all over for something that was versatile and comfortable, while still going with our new design theme. We settled on this rustic modern dining set which features a wood table with metal base accompanied by a mixture of metal chairs and wood/metal stools. I love how it is a bit industrial looking and can’t wait to enjoy it with food, friends and family. ♥

dining set

dining chairs

wood and metal dining set

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Sofa Style

January 16th, 2013

puppy and pillows

sofa pillows

sofa style 2

 sofa style

sofa style 3

When we moved from LA to SF, we decided to make some style changes to our home decor. First in line was to change our sofa covers to a dark grey. It was white previously and with Gaston constantly up on it, keeping it clean was a nightmare! I was afraid the grey sofas would bring too much dark into the apartment, but it actually is a great contrast to the white walls. I threw on some of our existing pillows and added a furry one, just because I love fur. Gaston doesn’t look like he is complaining about the change one bit. ♥

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Christmas Mantel

December 18th, 2012

Decorating the mantel for Christmas is such a quick way to bring festivity to an entire room. Being that the mantel is usually the focal point in the room it is in, it is only fitting that it be totally decked out. This year I didn’t get ours nearly as decorated as I would have liked. So I have been searching for some envy-worthy mantels on pinterest to inspire me for future purposes. What did you use for Christmas mantel decorations? ♥

mantel 1

mantel 2

mantel 3

mantel 4

mantel 5

mantel 6

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White Thanksgiving Table

November 7th, 2012

Usually, Thanksgiving tables are filled with lush foliage and warm hues of orange, brown and green. While I love me a nice festive table, I also love a softer look. I came across these white Thanksgiving tables while pinning and they truly redefined fall decor for me. Traditional colors are still neutral, but this take on a neutral palette takes out most of the color completely. The effect is modern and I can imagine that the food would most definitely be the star. Make sure to follow all my pins here. ♥

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Our Bedroom

June 12th, 2012

Here a glimpse into our apartment. I have shown you tid bits here and there on the blog before, but this is the first in a series of posts showing our whole home. First up: our bedroom. Given that I am have way too many clothes for a typical Los Angeles apartment, my fashion takes up all the storage space in our room and my fiancé graciously took the smaller closet in our spare room. I really think a lot of fashion can double as art, so I don’t shy away from displaying all my jewelry and accessories openly. The wall gallery is one of my favorite features in our apartment. We selected all the prints for each frame and the orange accents tie into the orange rug. My shoe collection had to spew out into the open room just because I could only fit about half of my shoes inside the closet – I clearly have issues. ♥

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