Remodel Reveal

April 10th, 2015

It is time for our remodel reveal! I got around to taking photos of our addition and remodel back in December, but unfortunately didn’t get around to getting them up on the blog until now. The remodel was finished last fall, and we couldn’t be happier. What I love most about the new master suite is that it is big and bright, so we definitely wanted to let the natural light and clean lines do the talking.

As far as decor, we kept it all very minimal and neutral, just how we like it. I was able to snag some gorgeous pieces from an antique store by our home, which made decorating pretty easy. There still might be an addition of a rug at some point, but we are undecided on that and don’t want to buy anything we don’t absolutely love. We already had this headboard and bedding, and still love the minimalism of it. There are also some great bedding options from Parachute here that I am into if we ever want to change it out. Scroll down for photos and captions.


The big windows and sliding door out to our patio let all the natural light in, so we were sure to get lining for our curtains for when we want to sleep in.

bedroom 3

View from the top, shows the layout of the room and the pretty hardwood floors.

bedroom 5

We debated over whether to make this corner a sitting area or get this fabulous shelf. We went with the latter and imagine switching out some of the decor for pictures of Arielle (when I get on top of printing them!).

bedroom 4

This was an antique find, and I always wanted a vanity to get all dolled up in front of.

bedroom 1

Love this, from a friend.

bedroom 2

This little nook with the vanity is my little corner to get ready in.

bedroom 8

When designing the layout of the closet, we measured the length in feet for all of our hanging stuff to make sure we would have enough room once the closet was built. It fits almost perfectly with a bit extra (for those new clothes, of course, hehe).

bedroom 9

The huge shower is my favorite feature of the bathroom – complete with the pebbles on the floor.

bathroom 1

We love the all white and grey color scheme with brushed nickel finishes.

bathroom 2

The separate water closet was a nice feature for privacy.

bathroom 3

Nursery Inspiration

October 14th, 2014

With our addition slash remodel nearly complete, we are just about to move into our new room. This means we can finally start putting together the nursery! I have been pinning away lots of nursery inspiration images and have even bought a few things. As you can see below, we want to keep it gender neutral (since we aren’t finding out the gender), and a mixture of modern, rustic and bohemian. I can’t wait for it to all come together and will most definitely share the end result with my lovely readers!

nursery inspiration 2

nursery inspiration 3

nursery inspiration 8

nursery inspiration 1

nursery inspiration 5

nursery inspiration 4

nursery inspiration 7

*all images via Pinterest

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Our Renovation Progress

October 1st, 2014

When we first bought and moved into our house, we knew we wanted to add on almost immediately. The house was a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom and we knew we needed that second bathroom. In fact, I didn’t even want to come see this house when we were house hunting because 2 bathrooms was a “must have” on my list. But the hubby convinced me and we fell in love with not only the precious house, but the large yard, the tree-lined street and the whole neighborhood vibe. Rather than waiting until we already had a family to fill it up, we decided to get it out of the way and start the renovation project so it would be done by the time our baby came along. Everyone we talked to agreed and said that once the baby comes along, you just won’t find the time or the money to do it. So, earlier this summer we jumped right into the whole renovation/addition process!

What we decided to do was convert the smallest bedroom in the back of our home into a master bathroom and add a master bedroom to the back of that, creating a master suite. The whole project is almost done, which began just 3 months ago. At this point, we are just waiting on some final pieces, including the hardwood floors and closet to be done. We couldn’t be more excited to start moving into our new room so that we can get decorating not only that, but the nursery as well (which will be in the room we are currently using as the master bedroom).

I wanted to share some photos of the whole demo and building process. This has been such a learning opportunity to see all that goes into the construction of homes. We feel so blessed to be able to add our own personal touch to a home we were already in love with from the start. I hope to share more before and after pictures of the house once it is actually complete and decorated! Scroll down for progress photos and captions.


This was one of the very first days. They had torn down most of the back bedroom wall and were about to demolish those trees.

blog 1

Bobcats in progress tearing down these trees and breaking into the cement walkway like it was butter.

blog 2

Our contractor and the other workers jokingly referred to Gaston as “the foreman”, because he loved to go check on their progress and get a little attention. I seriously think he is going to miss having them around.

blog 3

The foundation was completely dug out at this point! Can you tell I’m excited?

blog 4

“The foreman” checking out the progress on the foundation.

blog 5

This would eventually become the shower on the left and vanity/mirror on the right.

blog 6

Pouring cement around the foundation…all the steps involved amazed me which you never really know about until you do a remodel.

blog 7

Our first wall is up! This was an exciting day to see the borders of our future master bedroom.

blog 8

Wood for the roof being delivered with this huge crane.

blog 9

We have a roof and 4 walls! This is the inside of the bedroom with the closet framed there to the left.

blog 10

This is the bathroom framed out with the toilet closet on the right and the vanity area on the left. It was so hard to imagine how everything would look at the end, but our contractor was amazing at laying everything out for us.

blog 11

“The foreman” checking out his new master suite. He seems pleased.

blog 12

The roof is being finished here and the walls are being lined, getting ready for stucco. These guys worked at the speed of lightning.

blog 13

Tile going in the shower… yay!

blog 14

Finishing off the walls in the room… this is a view from the hallway of the master suite and the bathroom is right there to the right.

blog 15

…and the stucco and color coat are on!

blog 16

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Our Family/Living Room

May 20th, 2014

living room 3

I am kind of on a roll with this whole home tour thing! I captured our family/living room last week and wanted to share the pics with my lovely readers. It finally feels pretty “finished” and I say “finished” because I change my mind every two and a half seconds and switch things around.

We don’t have two living spaces like most modern homes, but our home was built in 1948 so it has the charm to make up for it! To me, leaving the room uncluttered was a must to accent the beautiful features like the built in bookcase and gorgeous bay windows. I love playing around with different accent pieces but for the most part, the decor continues to be simple and modern with a bit of rustic thrown in (as described here). I have to say, Gaston sure does make the room look good!

I will continue to show you more rooms, but we are starting our addition soon, so it may be a few months. Stay tuned! (You can shop some of the pieces from our room below!)

living room 1

living room 5

living room 6

living room 7

living room 8

living room 12

living room 13

living room 14

living room 2

living room 10

living room 11

living room 4

living room 15

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Entry Way

May 14th, 2014

entry way 4

The home tour continues! I wanted to feature our cute little entry way on the blog because I adore everything about it. I took my time styling it and making sure I loved each element, but it finally feels complete to me. The only addition I would consider would be a coat rack or umbrella holder, but that is still undecided. The sweet silhouettes were made on Etsy and are actual silhouettes of our fur baby, Gaston. My mom always had our silhouettes on the wall, so I was inspired to create a new take on the idea with puppy silhouettes. Plus, let’s be honest, they’re cuter than normal silhouettes anyways! I also chose one of our favorite wedding photos and some other cute objects to style the table.

entry way 3

entry way 2

entry way 1

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