Jamberry Nails

April 23rd, 2014


Have you guys heard of Jamberry Nails? They are super fabulous nail wraps that boast a number of benefits. They are non-toxic, latex free, vegan, gluten free, no animal testing and are made in the USA! I was contacted by Kelly Sekera to test Jamberry out with the 7 Day Chip Challenge. I was blown away at the results. I am pretty hard on my hands, so I already knew the normal polish had no chance at lasting a whole week. Here, I placed the Jamberry Nails on just my ring fingers and painted the rest with white polish. As I suspected, the regular nail polish chipped by the next day and to my surprise, the Jamberry Nails lasted beyond the 7 days. I am a believer already. If you want to test these wraps out for yourself, check out Kelly’s site, her Facebook page, or email her at berrybusymama@gmail.com.

Day 1:

jamberry 2

Day 7:

jamberry 3

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Shimmery Cat Eye How To

March 6th, 2014

I love a good basic cat eye, but playing around and dressing up the makeup look is always fun. Sometimes I will take the simple cat eye up a notch by adding a red lip. For this tutorial, I decided to add some glitz and shine to dress up the actual eye makeup itself. Check out the steps below for my shimmery cat eye how to.

Besides your usual foundation and brow routine, you will need the following: shimmery nude shadow, matte vanilla shadow, black gel eyeliner, gold shimmer shadow, matte black shadow, eyelash curler, mascara.

cat eye how to tools

Step 1: Put on your usual foundation routine with bronzer and don’t forget your brows!

Step 2: Swipe the nude shimmer shadow across your whole lid, stopping before the brow bone.

cat eye how to step 1

Step 3: Swipe the matte vanilla shadow on your brow bone and in the inner corners of your eye.

cat eye how to step 2

Step 4: Line your upper lid (including the upper inner rim) using black gel eyeliner and a thin brush. Flick the corners outward to create a cat eye. Do this by following the curve of your eyelid with the brush. Extend appx 1/4 of an inch outward.

cat eye how to step 5

Step 5: Place a small amount of the gold shimmer shadow in the inner corner of your eye, and a bit on the inner lower lash line.

cat eye how to step 6

Step 6: Using the black matte shadow and a flat brush, carefully trace the black liner to set it. This will prevent the liner from transferring onto your lid and help it last all day.

cat eye how to step 7

Step 7: Curl your lashes and apply 2-3 coats of mascara. I added a light coral lip and a bit of blush to finish off the look. Voila!

cat eye how to step 8c

cat eye how to step 9b

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Plum Pout

November 26th, 2013

vampy lips

I recently did a piece for FabFitFun on vampy lips. I love a plum pout and decided I need to try and rock the look more this fall and winter. I definitely love the idea of wearing it with a winter white outfit, but it would look fun with jeans and a cozy scarf as well (check out the FabFitFun piece for some ideas and lipstick picks). The look can be taken as casual or as high fashion as you want. Another good reason to rock a plum pout: it will disguise all the red wine you drink at Thanksgiving! Cheers to that.

*image via Pinterest

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Messy Braids for Fall

November 20th, 2013

I can make an argument for why messy braids work for any season. However, wearing messy braids for fall makes the most sense. The cozy outfits call for a whimsical ‘do. I am not one to wear a completely polished hairstyle normally anyways, but especially in the fall I like to take my hair even one more step in the messy/sexy direction. Just imagine these messy braids (found on Pinterest) paired with your warmest scarf or a fab sweater dress. Uh-maze.

braids 4

braids 3

braid 6

Selena Gomez arrives for The Late Show With David Letterman.

braid 5


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FabFitFun VIP Box

July 19th, 2013

FFF VIP box 1

As a writer for FabFitFun, I am a little biased about how fabulous the site is. However, to my defense, I was a HUGE fan of the site long before I scored a writing gig there. The content is unique and often hilarious, just like the gorge Giuliana Rancic herself! If you are a FFF subscriber (shame on you if you are not!) then you know about the FabFitFun VIP Boxes that are available every three months. I was lucky enough to receive the current box to review and haven’t stopped testing out the oodles of goodies (even Gaston wanted in on the action)! This box contains: a fab pair of Ivory Mason sunnies, Evian Facial Spray, Infinity Sun Glow on the Go (sunless tanner), Catalina Su lipgloss, pūr~lisse soy milk cleanser and makeup remover, a dark chocolate and chili almond KIND bar, ORLY nail polish, It Haircare Surf Spray, and Yes to Cucumbers facial towelettes.

FFF VIP box 3

FFF VIP box 2

At first glance into the box, I noticed the Catalina Su  (G’s makeup artist) lipgloss, which I already owned! I am a huge fan of the perfectly pinky-peach shade which has a slight gold shimmer. Next, I saw the KIND bar, also a product that I love. KIND bars are a perfect mix of healthy ingredients with just a bit of naughty goodness. The last product that I had tried before was the Evian Facial Spray. This is the perfect little bottle to have with you on the beach, at the pool, or to carry with you during long shopping trips around your sweltering city this summer. The rest of the box was brand new to me and so far I am loving everything. The Infinity Sun Glow on the Go provides a bronzed glow with all-natural and anti-aging ingredients. The scent is light and you would never know I had just put on sunless tanner. The It Surf Spray is killer. It gave me beach babe textured waves without leaving San Francisco! The Ivory Mason sunnies are très chic and will definitely be another go-to all summer. I have yet to test out the pink “Choreographed Chaos” ORLY nail polish, but I am almost positive it won’t disappoint. The Yes to Cucumbers facial towelettes were something I have been meaning to test out and I am glad I finally got the chance. They are uber refreshing and ideal for the hot weather, but I can see myself using them all year. Lastly, the pūr~lisse cleanser is super gentle and left my skin smooth as a baby’s bottom!

Use the code 177285 until August 11th to get $10 off your first FabFitFun VIP Box!

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