Why Thrifting is So Huge

October 8th, 2013

thrift shop

Today I am very excited to have blogger/writer KimmyG here with a guest post. She is the blogger behind Concrete Steps and a contributor to Fashionista.com. Check out why KimmyG says thrifting is so huge:

In the past, thrift stores were never as popular as they are now. Before, many people would not even go into thrift stores because the thought of buying clothes that were formally worn turned a lot of people away; however, the popularity of thrift shops have blossomed over the past year and a half!

With people loving the “vintage” and “hipster” look, thrift shops are popping up everywhere, and everyone is starting to fall in love with them. Macklemore’s big hit, “Thrift Shop,” has also paved the way for these low-end stores to get a bigger following.

Although some people might be puzzled by this big uproar for more thrift shop to open up, here are some reasons as to why it’s the perfect place to shop!

1. You Save Money! The biggest upside about thrift shops is the fact that you spend a quarter amount of what you would spend at Forever21, New York & Company, or Macy’s. Because these shops are selling back used items, their items are always marked down. Getting a pair of knee-high boots at Forever21 costs almost $40, but you can find a pair for around $20. I honestly think that Macklemore said it best when he said, “they be like, ‘Oh, that Gucci – that’s hella tight.’ I’m like, ‘Yo – that’s fifty dollars for a T-shirt.”

2. The Variety. Stores in the mall usually stick to one overall style. However, in thrift shops, there are a multitude of styles to choose from. Since thrift shops are “the melting pot” of clothing items, you can find a specific style as well as venture out into other selections. You have to venture and look through all the thrifted items, yet it all becomes worth it once you find the best piece for your closet!

3. They Give You That Vintage Vibe. Stemming from my second reason, thrift shops allow you to get a more vintage vibe in your wardrobe. Although some of the clothes found at thrift shops are modernized, most of their clothing items are also from the 70s or 80s or 90s. The concept might not appeal to a lot of people, but think of it this way: vintage is completely in right now!

4. They Don’t Just Have Clothes! Thrift shops don’t just only sell clothes. They have a variety of home products as well. I have bought countless amounts of mugs, vinyl records, and books are my local thrift shop. It’s perfect.

Thrift shops have always been around, but they have not become as popularized until this past year. Although thrift shops might not be high-end or what we are used it, they are very convenient. Thrifting is definitely not going anywhere anytime soon—especially since more and more stores are opening up—so, if you have not gone to one yet, go check it out! I promise you it’s worth it!

Love, KimmyG.

Guest Blogging: Easter Inspiration

March 20th, 2013

I am excited to announce guest blogger Michelle Pino, here to tell us about inspiration boards. Enjoy! ♥

It seems like not too long ago I was preparing for Santa to make his way down the chimney, now I find myself getting ready for the Easter Bunny to hop his way into my house. Easter is just a few weeks away, and if you’re anything like me you like to be prepared, organized and ready to go weeks in advance.

Lately, I have been using inspiration boards for planning girl’s nights, decorating for holidays and even for putting together outfits. Fashion trends hard to stay on top of, and even more daunting is how to take a trend and make it your own. Otherwise, you may feel as though you are wearing the same thing as everyone else!

This year for Easter, I thought I would use some of my favorite colors, combined with a few fashion trends and create a unique Easter outfit. Keep in mind I like to be trendy, but being comfortable is just as important!

Here’s how I plan to use an inspiration board to create my look:

Easter Fashion Inspiration

I know what you are thinking… cupcakes? Ribbons? How does that correlate with my Easter outfit? Well, its all about inspiration and when I saw this picture from a wedding at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino I fell in love with the turquoise in the ribbons, then again when I saw the frosting on those Easter cupcakes I found (and might have to bake!).  These two very different objects gave me inspiration for the color scheme in my outfit this year, turquoise, which happens to be right on trend. I also plan to incorporate a pop of coral somehow, whether it is in my clothing, shoes or accessories. Glasses are one of my favorite additions for any occasion right now, and although I don’t have those amazing coral ones, I will most likely be sporting my Ray Bans. A piece of statement jewelry, similar to the one in my inspiration board, will also make its way into my attire.  I am so excited for my Easter outfit.

It will definitely easy to put together now that I have an inspiration board to help me visualize what I am going to wear.   Try creating your own fashion inspiration board!

Photo Credits: WeddingShoes | DressGlasses  |  Necklace | Cupcakes


1 Pair, 3 Ways

July 30th, 2012

I recently got asked to style a pair of shoes for the Planet Shoes Blog. I thought it would be tough choosing from their large number of shoes, but the moment I saw these Kenneth Cole Reaction wedges, I knew they had to be mine. The neutral colors beg to be paired with practically everything, and the unique shape makes them stand out in the crowd. I wanted to style this one pair of shoes three ways: for work, for a date and for a casual weekend.

For the work look I wanted to pair it with a color I often wear for work, which is black. By adding this multi-colored cropped kimono on top, the green in the shoes is drawn out. I think that with any other shoe, this would wouldn’t be as much of a statement. Imagine if I had swapped in a pump – boring! This shoe is truly the star of the outfit, which is hard to do with a kimono this fabulous!

Going on a date usually means putting on a dress (well, at least to me it does!) I love feeling girly and this little summer dress give me the feminine vibe, while still remaining sophisticated. I couldn’t believe how the colors were such a perfect match for the shoe! I added a belt to add definition to my waist. I adore how the shoes give a bit of a boho feeling to the look.

I couldn’t help but pair these shoes with one of my favorite casual sweaters in a similar olive green color. With warm weather, I love pairing breathable sweaters with short denim cutoffs for an interesting juxtaposition of bare and covered up. The shoes and the sweater match well and thus make the look so pulled together, while still being casual and easy.

These shoes have a long list of clothing waiting to be paired with them to create endless outfits. I can’t wait to get started!

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Outfit Swap: The Short and the Sweet of It

May 3rd, 2012

Kirby from The Short and the Sweet of It here! I’m so happy to be guest posting on Molliee’s blog today to share some recent outfit inspiration.

When I first spotted this picture it just screamed “spring” to me, between the polka dot mint skirt, the lace top and the neutral bag and belt. And I love the addition of glittery heels, of course. When re-creating the outfit I paired a pleated mint skirt with an eyelet top, and the Kate Spade multicolor glitter heels were just too good to pass up!

Bag / Top / Skirt / Belt / Shoes

Head on over to The Short and the Sweet of It to see my outfit inspiration!

101 Things I Love…

January 9th, 2012

Today I am guest blogging over at 101 Things I Love. Come on over to see my 5 steals and splurges to spruce up your home in 2012!

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