Bold Brows How To

November 15th, 2012

Not everyone was born with bold brows like the lovely Camilla Belle. If you were, well you can just shut up! I die for bold brows, which is why I decided to give you a bold brows how to! Having structured eyebrows provides framework for your whole makeup look – and even makes you look better sans any other makeup. Now, pay attention and say “bold brows” three times fast!

You will need a spoolie (or a used and washed mascara wand), an angled brush, brow powder, brow pencil and clear mascara. I am currently using the Vanitymark brow kit in “blondie”. Note: brunettes should use pencils/powder a shade lighter than their hair color and blondes should use pencils/powder a shade darker than their hair color.

Step 1: Make sure your brows are shaped and trimmed (if you don’t do yours regularly – see a professional).

Step 2: Comb your brows up with the spoolie to make them appear full.


Step 3: Using your brow pencil, fill in the sparse areas with light strokes.You can also add a little height to the arches with the pencil (remember – light strokes).

Step 4: Take an angled brush and using the brow powder, continue filling in the brows. You can go a little outside “the lines” of your brow to make them fuller. Don’t go too crazy!

Step 5: I like to take the brows in a bit toward my nose as well using powder.

Step 6: To keep brows in place, lightly swipe on clear mascara or brow wax and voila!

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  • mom


    • mstwirlyskirts

      thank you mom:)

  • Kristina

    Gorgeous brows + eyes Molliee!! xo

    • mstwirlyskirts

      thanks Kristina! xo

  • mkupbymel

    You have the perfect brows and eyes!! As a makeup artist you are like our dream face!! lol

    • mstwirlyskirts

      that is so sweet to say;)

  • J9 STYLE

    Great tutorial. I love the look of a full brow.

  • Maya P

    nice job :)