Fairy Tale Wedding

April 29th, 2011

I am not going to lie about how excited I am to be viewing the Royal Wedding between Kate (I know – we are now supposed to call her Catherine) and Prince William! I was too young to fully appreciate Diana’s wedding to Charles, but I have seen the footage of her exiting the carriage in her huge, voluminous gown. Now I get to completely appreciate my generation’s Royal Wedding. I feel like I have grown up watching Princes William and Harry date and always wondered if Kate would be the one. Looking at her style over the years, one thing is apparent: this girl was made to be a Princess. She always looks sophisticated and elegant (despite the see-through dress that caught William’s eye). I will be on the lookout for some prime photo’s to share of the wedding and of course, the gown.

Sorry to write and run, but I need to savor every moment before I am pried from my tv set to go to work (sigh). It takes a lot to get me out of bed earlier than necessary, but watching a real-life fairy tale is definitely worth it. ♥

Dressing Up Basics

April 28th, 2011

top: Gap, skirt: American Apparel, belt: Urban Outfitters, sunnies: Nordstrom, heels: Preview International at Nordstrom, necklace: Anthropologie

Sometimes I find myself shopping and I instantly gravitate toward basics. Solid tees, layering tanks, tunics and various skirts or leggings. I think it is because I have such a fun time transforming them into different looks. One example is this outfit. The cowl neck is much longer than you would imagine, and sometimes pairs nicely with leggings or skinny jeans. This simple cotton, high-waist skirt is a bright teal, but there are several styling possibilities. By adding this tan and ivory belt, the skirt’s color is highlighted even more, since the rest of the outfit is neutral. How do you mix up your basics? ♥

Beaded Wonder

April 27th, 2011

While visiting my family this past weekend, my sister Jessica walked in wearing this necklace. Jess always has great jewelry, many from Anthropologie, so I asked if that was where she purchased this necklace. To my amazement, she said she made this herself! Now don’t you all wish you had sisters this talented? Don’t be jealous:) Anyways, she said she had several strings of beads that she hadn’t used, but loved the colors. So she put them on wires and started twisting them around a string of beads, and voila – this necklace was created! There are many different colored beads, yet it looks like the necklace will go with any solid shirt, and maybe even some basic prints. I warned her that my readers might start placing orders – so I am starting my petition to get her hired by Anthropologie stat. ♥

Although I couldn’t find necklaces that had the same type of design, I found these necklaces that will give a similar effect:

Spectrum Frenzy Necklace

Loops Necklace

Lovely Lace

April 26th, 2011


top: Free People, pants: Zara, scarf: Nordstrom

I love the look of lace, but often find it hard to modernize the effect. When I was looking through my closet the other day I realized I had only worn this shirt once or twice since I got it over a year ago. Not acceptable! I decided I needed to wear it the very next day and here is how I styled it. I like the way it looks with another neutral color like these khaki high waist pants (also seen here). I took out the brown belt that came with these pants and slid on this orange scarf instead. I feel like it instantly added some happiness to the outfit. I kept the rest of the outfit pretty basic, except for the bright gold and orange cuff, to allow the lace to take center stage. ♥