Remodel Reveal

April 10th, 2015

It is time for our remodel reveal! I got around to taking photos of our addition and remodel back in December, but unfortunately didn’t get around to getting them up on the blog until now. The remodel was finished last fall, and we couldn’t be happier. What I love most about the new master suite is that it is big and bright, so we definitely wanted to let the natural light and clean lines do the talking.

As far as decor, we kept it all very minimal and neutral, just how we like it. I was able to snag some gorgeous pieces from an antique store by our home, which made decorating pretty easy. There still might be an addition of a rug at some point, but we are undecided on that and don’t want to buy anything we don’t absolutely love. We already had this headboard and bedding, and still love the minimalism of it. There are also some great bedding options from Parachute here that I am into if we ever want to change it out. Scroll down for photos and captions.


The big windows and sliding door out to our patio let all the natural light in, so we were sure to get lining for our curtains for when we want to sleep in.

bedroom 3

View from the top, shows the layout of the room and the pretty hardwood floors.

bedroom 5

We debated over whether to make this corner a sitting area or get this fabulous shelf. We went with the latter and imagine switching out some of the decor for pictures of Arielle (when I get on top of printing them!).

bedroom 4

This was an antique find, and I always wanted a vanity to get all dolled up in front of.

bedroom 1

Love this, from a friend.

bedroom 2

This little nook with the vanity is my little corner to get ready in.

bedroom 8

When designing the layout of the closet, we measured the length in feet for all of our hanging stuff to make sure we would have enough room once the closet was built. It fits almost perfectly with a bit extra (for those new clothes, of course, hehe).

bedroom 9

The huge shower is my favorite feature of the bathroom – complete with the pebbles on the floor.

bathroom 1

We love the all white and grey color scheme with brushed nickel finishes.

bathroom 2

The separate water closet was a nice feature for privacy.

bathroom 3


March 10th, 2015

seraphine 1

Long time no see! I have been taking my sweet time bonding with little Arielle and because of that, most other things gotta give. Unfortunately, this blog is one of them….but I don’t plan on abandoning it! I love the outlet of blogging, so I hope to keep it up when I can. That being said, I finally have a new outfit post for you – my first since being pregnant!

While I was still preggers, Séraphine contacted me to review an item from their collection. They have fabulous maternity wear, but also pieces that will work when you’re not pregnant or after you have your baby. Even Kate Middleton rocked some of their clothing on her trip to New York a few months back!

I had every intention of styling this grey sweater while I still had a bump, but since Arielle decided to come early, that plan went right out the window. When I put it on post baby, I was happy to discover it looked amazing sans bump as well. The zipper detail is my favorite feature and makes the look more put together than a regular old sweater, in my opinion. I chose to wear it slouched off the shoulder and paired it with leggings and sky-high booties. This sweater will work great layered with other pieces, which I can’t wait to style. Check out the rest of the Séraphine collection, whether you have a bump or not!

seraphine 3

seraphine 4

seraphine 5

seraphine 2

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A Happy New Year

January 9th, 2015

fam pics 3

To say the new year started off with a bang for our family would be an understatement. If you follow me on Instagram, you may know most of this already, but I wanted to share in a blog post as well.

My sister, Jessica, and I were due about three weeks apart from each other. She was due on Christmas day and I wasn’t due until this Sunday, January 11th. Jessica ended up being induced and welcomed her gorgeous baby girl Maysie (also a surprise), on New Year’s Eve. Our big family (most of which was at the hospital) was just over the moon about the new addition to our family. All the nurses kept making me sit down during her delivery, saying there is no way I would make it to my due date. Yet, I was feeling great at the time and confident our little one would stay put at least another week or so. Much to our surprise, our little Arielle made her way into the world just 39 hours after her cousin. I like to think she just couldn’t wait to join the party, a girl after my own heart!

More to come on Arielle’s birth story later, but here are some casual family photos that my mom captured of us today (her one week birthday). We are completely, utterly in love. Happy New Year!

fam pics 1

fam pics 4

fam pics 2

fam pics 5

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Monthly Belly Photos

December 29th, 2014

When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to document the growth of my belly in some way. Yet, I wasn’t too thrilled about the idea of professional maternity photos. For one, the hubby and I didn’t want to spend money we could use toward things for the baby for photos we might not end up hanging around the house. Secondly, the hubs felt cheesy posing with my belly and since he is my photographer for all of my outfits, I put him to work each month taking snaps of my belly. We documented months 2-9 of my pregnancy through monthly belly photos and I am now 2 weeks away from my due date at 38 weeks. Outside of the early pregnancy morning sickness, I have absolutely loved being pregnant. I love feeling the baby move around, imagining who this little person will turn out to be. I love the way my husband feels my belly and talks to the baby. I have to admit I love how nice strangers are to pregnant women too! I only have a small amount of time left with the baby on the inside, and although uncomfortable at times, I am cherishing every single moment.

belly 1a   belly 2

belly 2   belly 1

belly 1a   belly 1

belly 1   belly 1

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Christmas Coat

December 22nd, 2014

christmas coat 1

I am still loving this coat that I got for Christmas last year. So much so that I couldn’t wait for the weather to be chilly enough to slip it on. While it is a perfect Christmas coat given the festive color and print, it really works with almost any type of look. I especially love pairing it with basics or leather details. Here I paired it with a favorite grey sweater and black jeans. Funny enough, I realized after I shot this look that I wore almost the exact same outfit on the blog nearly exactly a year ago! I may blame it on pregnancy brain, but it goes to show that classics don’t go out of style.

christmas coat 3

christmas coat 2

chtistmas coat 5

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